cal|cu|late «KAL kyuh layt», verb, -lat|ed, -lat|ing.
1. to find out by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing; figure; compute: »

We calculated the cost of building a new house.

SYNONYM(S): reckon, cast.
2. to find out beforehand by any process of reasoning; estimate: »

You must calculate all the advantages and disadvantages before coming to a decision.

SYNONYM(S): ascertain, determine.
3. to suit or adapt to a purpose: »

His remarks were calculated to impress us.

4. a) to plan or intend: »

He calculates to go next Tuesday.

b) to suppose; guess: »

I calculate it's a good idea.

1. to rely; depend; count (on or upon): »

You can calculate on steady advancement if you work hard.

2. Informal. to think; suppose; reckon: »

Are you going? I calculate so.

SYNONYM(S): guess.
3. to make a computation: »

Emotional people don't stop to calculate.

[< Latin calculāre (with English -ate1) < calculus; see etym. under calculus (Cf.calculus)]

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